In the jungles of Costa Rica, surrounded by exotic plants, strange bugs, and the occasional monkey, Kenzie was forced to tackle a few pressing problems: What is your spirit animal, how much chocolate is too much, and what do you want to do with the rest of your life?

By studying with the cacao master himself, David Wolfe, and mastering daily visits to the WildTreats cacao bar, Kenzie was able to find a path that was exciting and invigorating.

After leaving her job as Program Manager at The Raw Food Institute in Washington, DC it was time to refocus on projects that fit her vision. Kenzie loved helping people find health and wellness – but felt there was always a sense of guilt and confusion around what made a healthy life. And there were very few “health foods” that were actually offering health benefits, and definitely no chocolates that fit the mold.

After learning the ins and outs of raw cacao in the jungles of Costa Rica and gaging the reaction of everyone around it, it became clear Kenzie wanted to use this powerful food to help people master health in a fun and delicious way.

Kenzie used her knowledge as a Certified Health Counselor to make chocolate not just guilt-free, but a health food. By adding amazing superfoods that hone in on specific health concerns, giving the food the right balance of energy and empowerment, and making sure no added sugars, preservatives, or chemicals come in contact with the raw cacao, Kenzie created a super-charged dessert unlike any other.